Thursday, 8 August 2013

Flair Magazine!

Thanks to my fab Janome commission i have been given the amazing opportunity to be featured in Flair Magazine. This is such a fantastic way for my work to be seen by more people who share my love for embroidery and I'm very thankful to Janome for allowing this to happen.

Friday, 19 July 2013

My Janome Commission!

Over the past few years i have been working with Janome on a sponsorship basis and done a few commissions but the most amazing opportunity came my way when they approached me to do my biggest commission yet. This would help them promote their new Memory Craft 9900 and in turn also promote me!

This is my HUGE poof that i created for Janome!

And the finished advertisement......

February 2012!

I was amazingly lucky enough to be selected for the 2012 show! 6 pieces of my work were selected to be shown as the best of the latest graduates from all over the country which was amazing. This of course meant that i had an excuse to visit the fabulous city to see my work displayed in such an inspiring country........


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Contemporary Textiles Fair 2012.... How it went

The Contemporary Textiles Fair was brilliant! As a newcomer i didn't know what to expect but what i found was an amazing amount of different ideas coming from all the stalls. It was brilliant to see so much diversity. I had allot of positive feedback....... even managed to sell a few pieces which boosted my confidence in my designs soooooo much. And as requested I'm going to post my designs on my blog so those who can't attend my shows can at least see what I'm all about.

Sorry about the quality of the photograph, I'd forgotten my camera and had to rely on my VERY old phone